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What is Home Omakase? A Japanese chef from the Juban Group will visit your home, office, party venue, wedding hall, etc. and serve Omakase.
Juban Group's Home Omakase offers a wide range of pricing courses, which can be used depending on the scene.
We mainly provide services in Bangkok, but depending on the situation, you can also consult outside of Bangkok.  
The required time is basically one and a half hours, and the progress pace can be adjusted depending on the request.

Customers who have small children at home and find it difficult to go out.
Customers who have dogs or cats at home and find it difficult to go out can enjoy OMAKASE in the same space with peace of mind.

Home Omakase, a first-class chef visits your home in the comfort of your own home.
It is a business trip chef service that cooks and acts in front of you

A new experience that turns your usual kitchen into a restaurant kitchen.
You can enjoy cooking tips unique to professional chefs with sounds and aromas in a live atmosphere.

We will deliver an exceptional experience to your home, family and friends.


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